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Our job is to provide support so you can get the job completed the most efficient that it can be. We are protecting human resources productivity efficiently and with transparency.

Productivity and Efficiency Reimagined TimeTok #timetok @timetok

Powerful, yet simple

For IT professionals, including developers, testers, analysts, IT support and SMEs, we are confident your productivity output will significantly increase with our help.

Time track system

Log Time

A simple time log tool to support individuals and companies to log their time spent in a particular task adding up throughout the timesheet submission.



Get the accountability that you need with the option to have randomly screen capture switched on. Monitor accessed URLs, Apps, Activities, Keyboard and Mouse activities.


Idle time wonder

Use our tool to help you monitor resources idle time.


GPS localisation

Know exactly where resources are in the allocated time spent in a task, from anywhere in the world and in real-time.

What customers are saying

During the Beta version, a selected few are having the opportunity to experience what is to come when we are ready to release to the general public.

“Timetok tool has helped me understand my remote resources activities and the work pattern, and now I can work with each individual for maximum productivity.”

Tina Jones
“Our productivity was ok, we could not get much engagement from our outsource remote resources, but when we decided to use TimeTok, straight away we've seen fantastic increase-on accountability, the random screenshots is a godsend.”

Jake Warren
“Having to manage people face-to-face is already hard work, remotely is even a more significant challenge. We needed a tool to support us, making sure business is getting the maximum possible effort for the investment in outsource workers, and this TimeTok tool is excellent. Well Recommended.”

Kim Smith

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